Whether in a state of rapture or serenity, the women I create have an innate self-possession, an inner smile, as if finding a beautiful, abundant garden. They share the same inner contentment, living in pleasure with themselves and their surroundings, for their own sake. It is their pleasure.

I carry this feeling of simplicity and strength in the form of the piece. Smooth simple lines and curves accentuated by only slight details of expression in faces and hands, the feeling of peace and balance resonates through the form, even if the tableau itself is not immediately understood.

The horse, the horse is life. The horse is sex. The relationship between the figures and the horse changes in it's degree of intimacy, interaction and importance; and can be interpreted on several levels - as the fundamentally sexual relationship between horse and rider, women's relationship with her own sexuality, and thus life itself.

Initially, the men had a very different, less connected energy than the women. There is now a greater communion with the horse and rider of both sexes. So much of the presence of my images comes from antiquity; it's references and reverence in a history of erotica, synonymous with the female nude.

Nudes in art have rarely been concerned with a woman's pleasure in herself, unless from the perspective of the voyeur. My work transcends this.

My work is more sensual than sexual; concerned with expression of inner balance on a universal level rather than pertaining specifically to women.